I am Daniel Evans, a 3rd year Computer Science student hoping to graduate from Aberystwyth University in 2014.

The areas (of computing) that interest me include computer rendering and graphics, simulation and video games and developing tools using both native frameworks like Qt and web based technologies such as HTML5 and NodeJS.

I hope to be accepted onto a masters course at Aberystwyth University in 2014.

A major interest of mine is learning how human-computer interaction and tools affect the cost and development of video games and other interactive titles.


A selection of projects I have previously been involved with.

A real-time game and generic simulation engine, due to a lack of artistic talent and spare time I have been unable to apply it to anything.
The self-styled IRC bot of the future, written in JavaScript as a nodejs application.
A hobby project investigating a voxel based game engine, a lack of initial design resulted in the project becoming abandoned.
An early entry into the now large Farm Simulator genre.


I can be found at the following addresses.