Daniel Lloyd Evans



OpenRW an attempt at emulating the success of other projects like OpenTTD. The goal of OpenRW is to make it possible to play Rockstar Games' GTA III on Linux without the use of the original proprietary, windows only executable.

Previously, a voxel-based engine called Magnetite to provide a framework for creating a video game inspired by Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress. Magnetite utilised OpenGL for realtime 3D graphics, and Google's V8 Javascript engine for gameplay code.

For entertainment, I co-developed Cinequeue with Douglas Gardner to facilitate automatic playback of media files using mplayer across a network.


Previously located in Wales..

My interests include space technology, spaceflight, autonomous software and robotics and electric vehicles.

Getting in touch

I can be reached by e-mail at dan@rekt.io. My Github profile is visible at danharibo. My Twitter handle is @danhedron.