A brief history

Hello, my name is Daniel Evans, computer whisperer and part-time Welsh person.

I have a passion for real-time computer graphics, mainly in the form of video games, as well as building tools that enable games to be built with less effort and repetition. For example the use of procedural generation to reduce the time and effort required to create the required quantity of content for modern video games.

At Aberystwyth University I studied and achieved BSc Computer Science from 2011 to 2014 and I am currently studying for an MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS at the same. Dissertation topics welcome.

I have used the Qt toolkit to build many applications, including a level editor for a home-grown game engine and a model viewer for GTA 3 model files as part of a larger project. These projects also made use of OpenGL to render hardware accelerated graphics, which has given me experience with both the deprecated fixed-function pipeline and the new programmable pipeline exposed by the "modern" OpenGL core profile.

I am a fan of open source software as it results in a low barrier to entry for software users and developers as well as providing avenues for sofrware to improve via contributions from its users, for its users (which is super useful when a bunch of people rely on one piece of software). This has resulted in platforms like Linux and Qt to become some of the best platforms on which to develop software.

When I am not working with computer graphics, I am dabbling with technologies like Django and Node.JS to build modern websites and web applications. I co-authored Cinequeue, a media server application which allows users to queue media files for playing either on the server or on a remote machine with the definitely-not-bad Douglas. I have also contribued a few minor patches to the task management software Triage, developed by the award-winning Sam Nicholls.