Daniel Lloyd Evans


I am a Masters student studying Remote Sensing and GIS at Aberystwyth University, where I previously attained BSc Computer Science in 2014. I am very proficient with C++ and Python and have some experience working with computer graphics including OpenGL 3 and developing 3D simulations for video games.


During the previous few months I have been developing OpenRW which is an attempt at emulating the success of other projects like OpenTTD in replacing the proprietary software required to play a classic video game. The goal of OpenRW is to make it possible to play Rockstar Games' GTA III on Linux without the use of the original proprietary, windows only executable.

Previously, I created a voxel-based engine called Magnetite to provide a framework for creating a video game inspired by Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress. This made heavy use of OpenGL for 3D graphics and Google's V8 Javascript engine for game scripting.

During some free time, I co-developed Cinequeue with Douglas Gardner to facilitate queued, automatic playback of media files using mplayer. I also provided some patches to Triage.

I also worked on an early agricultural video game called Simufarm at Razor-Studios and later worked on the CellSpace 3D engine. I also worked on the rCommunity user-driven CMS.


I have lived in Wales since the beginning, but enjoy travelling to places in Europe (even France) and further afield like New York.

My passions include space observation, spaceflight and the automation that can be achieved with computer software, robotics and drones.

My spirit animal is Elon Musk.

Getting in touch

I can be reached by e-mail at dan@rekt.io. My Github profile is visible at danharibo. My Twitter handle is @danhedron.